The Newseum

The Newseum, Digital Classroom Vendor Selection, Washington, DC

Our project goal was to hire a contractor to migrate content and update our interactive resources for a new website platform. Our website was running on an outdated platform that limited our ability to reliably and effectively deliver content to our constituents. In addition, we were lacking the means to track and measure site usage to inform development and growth based on user need and interest.

I did not have the time or staff to manage this project in-house. In addition to writing the RFP and identifying the right organizations to invite to respond, our project required in depth user experience and website research. I knew this would be time consuming and require special expertise due to the fact we had limited metrics to share.

Ellipsis took the planning and strategizing work off our plate which saved us time. It would have easily taken twice as long for us to oversee this project on our own. They provided the plan and we filled in the blanks. Their attention to detail and project management expertise meant we could continue to focus on our daily operations. In addition, Ellipsis provided the connections to the tech companies and expertise in evaluating their strengths and weaknesses.

Ellipsis came highly recommended. The level of professionalism and experience they would bring to the project was very attractive. It was obvious they not only had the management expertise we needed, but the technical chops required to manage our particular project.

Any long-term gains are still unknown since we are still in the middle of our project with the vendor Ellipsis Partners helped us select, but I have no doubt Ellipsis’ thorough work has laid the solid foundation needed for our success.