Our project managers guide your implementation to ensure all requirements and expectations are communicated to achieve a smooth system transition and fully prepared staff.

Project Management

Ellipsis Partners takes on the role of a technology coach, helping guide your team through the system implementation.

We begin with a deep understanding of your project goals, requirements, and timeline. In order to adhere to that timeline and facilitate progress, we organize stand-up meetings, in-depth discussions, and regular written updates. We stay alert to obstacles where the project might go off course, alert you to them, and help you realign to meet your goals.

We advocate for you with the vendor, ensuring that what is delivered meets your needs and contractual expectations. As necessary, we will mediate issues between staff and vendors to ensure that the project remains steady, and unexpected issues do not cause delays.

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Planning and Discovery

In a Planning and Discovery engagement, we help you create a project plan and cost estimate, schedule weekly calls with the vendor and client, set and monitor milestone checkpoints, assess project risk and participate in the review of documentation and system testing.
As your project advocate, we:
  • Participate in the vendor discovery process
  • Review each iteration of the modules, portal configuration, integrations, and single sign on (SSO)
  • Help generate user acceptance test plans, monitor testing process, and participate in final system review
  • Review and give feedback on project deliverables
  • Meet with the vendor weekly to evaluate progress against budget and schedule, consider issues that arise, review testing results, and assess progress on data migration.
  • Meet with your project manager weekly to coach, manage scope and schedule, review the budget, allocate resources, plan communications, assess risk and consider change management strategies.

Integration Support

Within a major system implementation project, (AMS, CMS, LMS), typically your new technology tool needs to integrate with existing systems.

Ellipsis Partners serves as an intermediary, ensuring that all vendors understand your organizational, business, and technology needs and cooperate to ensure a seamless integration.

We provide senior, experienced integration support with a focus on the following services:
  • Define and review requirements for all systems
  • Advise on permissions needed, based on various user types
  • Counsel clients on Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Ensure smooth data integration
  • Manage vendors and clear communication between vendors
  • Advise on messaging to targeted audience segments

“Go Live” Support

Your organization has just invested significant time and financial resources to select a new, sophisticated technology system. But transitioning to a new system can be a bumpy and winding road without the right support. Serving as your advocate, Ellipsis Partners guides clients around obstacles and through critically important steps to ensure a successful “Go Live” system launch.
We work closely with your vendors and staff to:
  • Lead daily stand-up meetings to ensure issues are prioritized and addressed and key players are at the table.
  • Guarantee the system is rigorously tested, with a particular eye for configuration, public-facing areas of the system, and transaction success.
  • Ensure single sign on (SSO) is seamless, integrating all related systems.
  • Help craft pre-launch and day of messaging to all audiences across multiple platforms.
  • Prepare the call center for needs that will arise after launch.
  • Guarantee staff and users receive appropriate training pre and post launch.
  • Orchestrate a soft launch.
  • Manage a situation room where communication is streamlined, and issues are addressed in a timely manner.
  • Lead post launch project wrap up.