The Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) leads and serves the medical imaging informatics community. Through education, research, and innovation, SIIM works to advance the optimal use of informatics in medical imaging and foster the use of enterprise imaging.

SIIM members are technology-savvy people, working in a data-centric field. They appreciate the value of leading edge technology tools. SIIM members are leaders, both in their own institutions, and in medical innovation overall. They are curious and relentless in their pursuit of new innovations and solutions, while reflective in capitalizing on the experience of others.

SIIM offers tremendous value to its members, supporting them in what they learn, how they connect, the problems the solve, and how they lead in their profession. Members rely on SIIM to use technology to leap ahead in serving them, not just improving transactions.


To support this value of membership, SIIM requires technology that:

  • Is personal
  • Fosters curiosity
  • Solves problems
  • Maintains currency
  • Reduces friction
  • Supports growth

Over the span of two years, SIIM engaged Ellipsis Partners in a series of three engagements to identify technology tools and platforms that would serve their staff and members well, including:

Digital Roadmap Development: Following an in-depth Discovery process with SIIM staff and stakeholders, exploring their current systems, pain points and limitations, Ellipsis Partners guided SIIM to:

  • Establish technology goals.
  • Understand its members and their needs better, through:
    • A member survey
    • Development of unique member personas
    • Online member focus groups
  • Identify the connection between member value and forward-facing technology tools.
  • Establish data analytics tools tightly integrated with SIIM’s tech stack.
  • Evaluate their email marketing and learning management systems, to ensure fit and functionality.

AMS System Selection: Ellipsis Partners recommended that SIIM replace their AMS with an open platform that positioned the organization for future growth and interoperability. We guided the organization through the development of a detailed RFP and managed the selection process from start to finish, resulting in the adoption and implementation of a modern tool that would meet the need of the organization and allow the ability to scale over time.

CMS System and Website Vendor Selection: Building on what we learned from SIIM stakeholders in previous work, and an in-depth website assessment, Ellipsis Partners recommended SIIM upgrade to a modern CMS with a strong focus on multiple navigation paths and a best-of-breed search capability to allow members to tap into the entire wealth of SIIM’s knowledge. Our team guided staff through a robust requirements gathering process, RFP development, and vendor selection process, designed to ensure SIIM’s web presence accurately reflected the organization and those it serves.


Our goals from the beginning of this work were to help SIIM identify weaknesses in their technology universe that were creating stress for staff and failing to advance their organizational mission of serving members through forward facing tools, programs, and interfaces.

Through deep listening, research of the best of breed products, development of a comprehensive Digital Roadmap and hands on guidance of new AMS and CMS selections, SIIM is now better able to lead and support their members with resource sharing, problem solving, and relationship building to support their critically important work.

Ellipsis Partners seamlessly integrated with our team, their professionalism and guidance instrumental in navigating the complexities, propelling us towards remarkable outcomes in a short period of time.
— Cheryl Kreider Carey, MBA, CAE

Chief Executive Officer
Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine

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