What we do

Ellipsis Partners makes technology work for you. We have partnered with hundreds of associations and non-profits to identify the systems, tools and processes burdening their teams and assess the impact of those barriers. We work with our clients to define their goals, shape their digital strategy, and provide a full roadmap to align organizational priorities with the right technology to increase value for their constituents.

We make technology work for you.

Illustration of a laptop computer with software and tech icons floating above it
We are your advocate in finding software and technology solutions, and vendors who will become true partners in your success.
We develop a plan for reaching your target audiences with the right messages at the right time and at the right pace.
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We build our recommendations into key indicators that will drive measurable success in your future site.

Our Services

Member Experience Assessment

We help you deepen your understanding of your members’ needs, goals, and pain points and identify areas of growth to increase member satisfaction and engagement.

Program Strategy

With our help, associations can confidently navigate the path to program enhancement, fostering sustained member satisfaction and long-term success.

Digital Strategy

We help you reach and engage key audiences through impactful websites and effective use of a broad array of communications channels.

Technology Strategy

We develop your technology roadmap to streamline operations, serve members, and advance strategic initiatives.

Vendor & System Selection

Serving as your advocate, we bring our expertise and proven methodology to the selection process to give you confidence in your technology change.

We bring our passion and expertise to your project.