Elements of Member Value

Identifying what members value most from their association can be difficult to pin down. Yet a deeper understanding of the building blocks of member value can lead to stronger member loyalty, a greater willingness to engage with your association, and sustained growth. Click on the video to watch Ellipsis Partners’ President Moira Edwards and Altai Systems explore the Elements of Member Value for Associations.

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The Next Frontier
for Online Communities

How will online communities of the future look and act differently than they do today? In “The Next Frontier for Online Communities” by Lisa Boylan, Ellipsis Partners’ President Moira Edwards describes what’s working well now (or not) and predicts what we’ll see next in the world of online communities.

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The Association Workload: 9 Surprises to Manage

In this presentation, Ellipsis Partners’ President, Moira Edwards provides an explanation of your workload during an AMS implementation project.

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The Association Workload: 9 Surprises to Manage cover image
10 Awkward Questions to ask your AMS Vendor
10 Awkward Questions to ask your AMS Vendor

Moira and Marcie give you an understanding of why associations LEAVE their AMS.

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Mindfulness in Managing Technology Change

Moira teaches about “mindfulness when managing technology change.”

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Virtual Events: Best Practices and Vendor Resource Guide

Virtual Events:
Best Practices and
Vendor Resource Guide

Make a successful transition from your in-person event

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Setting You up for Success:
Finding the Right AMS for your Association

How to successfully navigate the myriad AMS options to choose the right one for your organization

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List of AMS Solutions

Explore Ellipsis Partners’ Comprehensive List of AMS Solutions

aarwinMEP aarwinmep.com
AMPAC activeams.com
Associations Online associationsonline.com
ClubExpress clubexpress.com
Club Runner clubrunnner.com
Engage AMS engagesoftware.com/products/engage-ams
GoMembership gomembership.com
iMIS 20-100, from ASI advsol.com
Memberclicks memberclicks.com
MemberLeap memberleap.com
Memex, from AIT ait-inc.com
PeopleVine peoplevine.com
Raklet raklet.com
SilkStart silkstart.com
The Associate, from Intus intustechnologies.com
WebSuite2, from TCS Software associationdatabase.com
Wild Apricot wildapricot.com
GoMembers, from Aptean aptean.com
GrowthZone growthzone.com
Guild getguild.com
I4A Internet for Associations internet4associations.com
iMIS 20-200 advsol.com
Impexium impexium.com
MatrixMaxx, from Matrix Group International, Inc. matrixgroup.net
MemberConnection, from Euclid memberconnection.com
MemberMax, from Impact Solutions membermax.com
MemberNova membernova.com
Memberplanet memberplanet.com
MemberSuite membersuite.com
Naylor – (was Timberlake) naylor.com/association-management-software
Neon CRM neoncrm.com
NetFORUM Pro, from Community Brands communitybrands.com or abila.com
NOAH, from JL Systems jlsystems.com
noviAMS noviams.com
Weblink weblinkinternational.com
Wicket wicket.io
xCatalyst, from ESX Engineering esxinc.com
YourMembership, from Community Brands communitybrands.com
AdvantageCS advantagecs.com
Alliance, from Protech protechassociates.com
Altai altaisystems.com
Association Anywhere, from ACGI acgisoftware.com
BroadPoint Engage broadpoint.net
ClearVantage, from Euclid euclidtechnology.com
Cobalt cobalt.net
Fonteva fonteva.com
iMIS 20-300, from ASI advsol.com
Mem360, from saralux mem360.io
Membercast, from RSM (formerly from T3) rsmus.com
NetFORUM Enterprise, from Community Brands communitybrands.com or abila.com
NetSuite AMS, from RSM rsmus.com
NimbleAMS, from Community Brands communitybrands.com or nimbleuser.com
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