We help you reach and engage audiences through impactful websites and effective use of communications channels.

Ellipsis Partners can help your organization transform a ho-hum newsletter-based communications strategy into a dynamic, audience-focused, interactive strategy that drives member engagement. Your new plan will reinforce your brand, highlight your leaders as subject matter experts, and motivate your members to engage at a deeper level.

We help you:
  • Understand your brand’s strengths and weaknesses and how you can improve it.
  • Define the value you bring to your members and how to talk about it.
  • Acquire a deep understanding of your audiences.
  • Craft personal stories that resonate with your audiences.
  • Set communications goals and develop specific strategies to achieve those goals.
  • Create opportunities for your people to shine as “thought leaders.”
  • Manage and track the communications content process.
  • Define and measure success.

Comprehensive Communications Audit

An Ellipsis Partners’ strategic communications audit is an in-depth evaluation process through which we seek to understand all facets of your communications endeavors, identify weaknesses and opportunity gaps, and recommend changes to improve effective communication with key audiences.

An Ellipsis Partners communications audit will help your organization achieve clarity. By providing an in-depth understanding of your communications and their effectiveness as measured against your organization’s goals and member needs, we will help organize your communications function, prioritize audiences, identify inefficiencies, and drive message consistency.


We begin by listening. Through the use of interviews, surveys, and focus groups we gather valuable feedback from a broad spectrum of stakeholders to understand what matters most to your organization.


Next we analyze your organization’s audiences, their demographics, needs and preferred communication channels and then recommend how you can customize communications to reach specific audience segments.


We examine your organization’s content planning, development, and delivery processes. Gaps and inefficiencies are identified in order to streamline the way your team operates.


We get to know your content providers and suggest ways to add depth and variety to communications through the addition of subject matter experts and storytelling.


We review your publications and suggest strategies to improve content, design and effectiveness. We explore the use of digital content and recommend how to develop and deliver content through the most effective channels.

Website Assessment

We can help you transform your website.

Beginning with our nine-step process, we perform an objective and in-depth assessment of your website and digital content. Our team will examine your website’s architecture, navigation, design, brand identity, functionality, content, and usage patterns. We will also look at online content repositories which will give us insight into how your content is currently arranged and maintained.

SiteHistory &Statistics
Site Marketing
Functionality and Tools

To understand audience needs and patterns, our assessment includes analysis of web site usage trends, which will help us define content usage and priorities.

We help you thoughtfully consider the user experience, mobile-responsiveness, advanced search capabilities and the need for a dynamic, attractive design.

After our thorough site assessment is complete, we meet with you for a detailed conversation about our assessment and recommended changes. Then, we guide you through the steps needed to select a vendor and system that will transform your website into a dynamic tool that informs visitors, engages members, and supports the valuable work of your association.

Marketing and Communications Planning

Whether your association is launching a new initiative or seeking to improve its day-to-day communications with members, Ellipsis Partners can help you find the right words and images to effectively reach your target audiences through our marketing and communications planning service.

Today’s ever-changing landscape with digital media channels being launched every week, associations and nonprofits may wonder how to effectively utilize various platforms to interact with their members. Ellipsis Partners can bring clarity to this complex topic.

We take a close look at the way your audiences use technology and how they prefer to interact with your organization. We examine the topics around which your members engage with online platforms. Then we work with your team to develop a marketing/communications campaign content map and timeline. We identify the content providers, outline a social media policy, and provide coaching as your organization launches a new campaign.