Serving as your advocate, we bring our expertise and proven methodology to the selection process to give you confidence in technology change.

It takes hundreds of small decisions to make one large decision. Ellipsis Partners provides a personalized approach to the vendor and system selection process and serves as an impartial advisor throughout the entire process. We have maintained this vendor-neutral policy since our inception and are laser-focused on providing our clients with the best outcome.

AMS and CRM Solutions

Association Management Systems (AMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems are the backbone of most associations. Yet, there is no bigger pain-point for most staff. There are countless reasons associations find their AMS is not working for them. Ellipsis Partners unravels these challenges and works collaboratively with your organization to find a better fit. By engaging your team in the evaluation process, we find the specific areas where change is most needed – whether that be system change, process change, or both.

Ellipsis Partners deploys our methodology by learning as much as we can about you and tailoring our process as we move into requirements gathering, RFP development, and vendor selection. We immerse ourselves in the association and non-profit technology world to understand which vendors will result in a successful implementation for your organization.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Your website is the first place many people search for the resources, access, and benefits your organization offers. Maintaining an attractive, easily-navigated, and current site is no longer a bonus…it is mission critical.

In the era of rapidly changing online priorities, your content management system must be flexible and scalable to keep you current. Ellipsis Partners can help you find a tool that will meet your needs but not overwhelm your staff. The bells and whistles in the market are often deafening, but our process allows you to weigh the priorities and capacity of your team against features and cost.

Ellipsis Partners digs deep into your organization, your mission, and your members’ vision for who and what you should be online. We work through intense requirements gathering, RFP development, and a vendor selection designed to ensure your web presence accurately reflects your organization and the people you serve.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

A Learning Management System (LMS) allows you to offer a comprehensive portfolio of learning to your members and customers.

The right LMS focuses on your specific learners and their needs. Do they want to study the detailed materials themselves, take a test and be done, or do they prefer to learn from a community of learners about what practically worked the best? Decisions on learning platforms often hinge on whether learners are driven by licensure, certification, or job competence; compelled through time-sensitive requirements versus moving at their own pace.

Ellipsis Partners works with your staff and learners to understand their needs and patterns of consumption for different learning modes to identify a system that works best for your organization.

Certification Management Systems

Pride in professional expertise drives many to affiliation with their professional associations and professional societies. For many, a professional credential is the glue that holds them to their association. Choosing the right technology tools to manage those credentials and facilitate the certification and recertification process is mission critical.

Since no two organizations have the exact same processes for certification, accreditation, licensing, or other credentialing management, having a partner to help you navigate system choices is key. Ellipsis Partners LLC has the experience to assist you in your certification management selection process.