Technology Strategy

At Ellipsis Partners, we guide you through your technology strategy process, bringing clarity to the issues and options you face. We introduce you to the emerging trends in effective IT, with a focus on the special aspects of association management. Using our familiarity with the goals, structure, and challenges of association management and our expertise in current and emerging technology, we work with you to develop a clear road map.  We get to the bottom of questions such as the following:

  • Is technology a strategic lever in your organization?
  • Does your association view IT staff people as plumbers who fix things when they break?
  • Does it make more sense to get many separate systems and integrate them, or just a few bigger systems?
  • Which combination is ultimately more effective and easier to maintain?
  • How many IT staff do you need?
  • What value do members gain from the association, and how does technology impact that?
  • How could technology support and advance your mission?
  • Do staff have the capacity to use and maintain this technology?
  • Is a specific technology¬†part of a trend that’s going away or here to stay?