Ellipsis Partners specializes in guiding associations towards adopting a more strategic approach to their program offerings. We come alongside associations of all sizes to thoughtfully assess their current programs from start to finish, allowing them to gauge effectiveness and relevance to members.

Through our tailored approach, we provide a thorough analysis that delves into member value, satisfaction, and the overall impact of existing programs. Our assessment not only identifies areas for improvement but also sheds light on current strengths that can be leveraged for greater success.

Ellipsis Partners goes beyond basic evaluation by assisting associations in envisioning and implementing potential new programs. Leveraging our expertise in identifying association trends and member preferences, we collaboratively explore innovative ideas that align with member needs and preferences as well as your association’s mission and goals.

With our help, associations can confidently navigate the path to program enhancement, fostering sustained member satisfaction and long-term success.

How we help clients with program strategy:

  • Defining Member Value
  • Matching Revenue to Areas of Value
  • Restructuring Membership Components (committees, chapters, state organizations)
  • Revising Member Dues Structures
  • Developing New Programs

As associations contemplate adding new programs or sunsetting existing programs, it’s critically important to recognize the unique needs of their members, what motivates their engagement, and even the amount of time they have to be involved.

In our experience, members seek different outcomes when joining or renewing their membership, depending on their career stage.

Years a Member Approach Solve
0 – 3 It’s a career Immediate Problems
4 – 10 It’s a profession Strategic Problems
10 + It’s a calling Systemic Problems

Persona Development

An association’s effectiveness in reaching and serving its members is directly proportional to its understanding members’ backgrounds, goals, challenges, and behaviors.

One way Ellipsis Partners helps associations understand members better is by developing custom personas. We work closely with your team to develop personas reflecting the critical differences between members by area of practice, age, gender, job level, geography, and other characteristics.

With a deeper understanding of members, we then help associations design custom communications, reorganize web content and navigation, and assess programs to ensure they meet member needs effectively.

Sample Persona



Age 38
Work Setting St. Luke’s Hospital
Ethnicity Asian American
Gender Female
Orientation Unknown
Career Stage Mid
Regional Location Indianapolis, IN
Length of Membership 12 years
Degree BSN
Year of Graduation 2006

Additions or Updates to Background
Education, Career, Job, Workplace, Role

Mid-level manager or team lead; private hospital

Online Behaviors
Tech Devices, Trusted Online Sources, Social Channels

May not know all online opportunities and resources. May be on national or chapter social channels. Receives updates by email.

Work or Professional Goals?

  • Network and connect with other staff in similar roles 
  • Advance career, leadership roles
  • Keep up certifications
What do they need from the association? Looking for information on practice standards, guidelines, continuing education, credentials.
Work or Professional Challenges or Obstacles?Primary / Secondary
  • Seeks relevant continuing education
  • Ethical concerns within the hospital setting and how to navigate those concerns.

Real Quotes
In their own words, describe the  ideal membership experience.

“This association advocates for standards for nurse safety and reasonable caseload size; answers my questions in a timely manner; It continues to be flexible by providing resources to meet my needs and ensures my voice is reflected through the work of the association.”
Content Preferences? Clinical best practices, evidence-based research, client education

Why wouldn’t they rely on the association for help?

Cost. Can find some needed information without help. Website not user friendly, hard to find information without contacting someone at association HQ or chapter.