League of Minnesota Cities

League of Minnesota Cities, Technology Assessment, Minneapolis, MN

Our Board of Directors come out of a retreat in the Fall of 2014 realizing that the league needed to do more in the way of technology. In particular, we wanted to streamline internal technology operations, use technology more strategically to serve members, and also help members in their own technology needs.

Recognizing the difficulties inherent in a self-evaluation of strengths and aptitudes, we looked to an outside company to provide an objective assessment.

Ellipsis Partners rose to the top to fill that need for a variety of reasons. The depth of knowledge of the subject matter was clear, and Moira and her team were very easy to work with. They were always timely and clear in what was being put forward, and the proposal was easy to understand. Finally, when we talked with others, the word-of-mouth recommendations were very strong – other associations had a lot of good things to say about working with Ellipsis Partners.

During the project, the project management expertise that Ellipsis Partners brought to the table was extremely valuable. I valued how Ellipsis Partners laid out the pieces that would be essential in such an evaluation, and then designed a process and timeline for getting through each of the steps. Of particular value was how they held our feet to the fire, and kept us on task.

In the short-term, LMC has benefited from the heightened awareness of whole variety of areas in technology that we could do better in. In the long term, we hope to implement key recommendations that will set us up to be more strategic in use of technology.

Tom Grundhoefer
Chief Counsel
League of Minnesota Cities