Communications Strategy

Ellipsis Partners team members can help your organization transform an average newsletter-based communications strategy into a dynamic, audience-focused, interactive strategy that drives member engagement. Your new plan will reinforce your brand, highlight your executives as subject matter experts, and motivate your members to engage at a deeper level.

It’s easy in the hum of business to have a communications plan that never gains more traction than distributing a monthly newsletter on time without typos and emails for major events. If your strategy is barely keeping your head above water, your association may need to revisit how strategic and effective your communications function is.

  • During a communications strategy engagement, Ellipsis Partners will help you:
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your brand and how you can improve it.
  • Define the differentiating value you bring to your members and how to talk about it.
  • Acquire a deep understanding of your target audiences, what motivates them, and how to interact with them.
  • Craft personal stories that resonate with your audiences in order to connect and drive engagement.
  • Set communications goals and develop specific strategies and tactics to achieve those goals.
  • Assign roles and responsibilities to the right people with clear expectations.
  • Create opportunities for your people to shine as “thought leaders”.
  • Manage and track the communications content development and distribution process.
  • Define and measure success so you can maximize your efforts and increase efficiencies.