Communications Assessment

An Ellipsis Partners’ strategic communications assessment is an in-depth evaluation tool through which we seek to understand all facets of a client’s communications endeavors, identify weaknesses and opportunity gaps and recommend changes to improve effective communication with key audiences.

Priorities: We begin by listening. Through the use of interviews, surveys, and focus groups we gather valuable feedback from a broad spectrum of stakeholders to understand what matters most to your organization.

People: Next we analyze your organization’s audiences, their demographics, needs and preferred communication channels and then recommend how you can customize communications to reach specific audience segments.

Processes: We examine your organization’s content planning, development and delivery processes. Gaps and inefficiencies are identified in order to better streamline the way your team operates.

Providers: We get to know your content providers and suggest ways to add depth and variety to communications through the addition of subject matter experts and storytelling. We listen to the organization’s voice and ascertain the effectiveness of that voice with target audiences.

Publications: We read samples of all publications and suggest strategies to improve content, design and effectiveness. We explore the use of digital content including social media, video, blogs, and webinars and recommend how to develop and deliver content through the most effective channels.

An Ellipsis Partners strategic communications assessment will help your organization achieve clarity. By providing an in-depth understanding of your communications endeavors and their effectiveness as measured against your organization’s goals and member needs, this assessment tool will help organize your communications function, prioritize audiences, identify inefficiencies, and drive message consistency.