Social Media Planning

Today’s ever-changing social media landscape can be vast in scope and dizzying with its many options. With new social media channels being launched every week, associations and nonprofits may wonder how to effectively utilize social media to interact with their members. Ellipsis Partners can bring clarity to this complex topic.

With social media, we don’t recommend jumping into the deep end of the pool. It is important to step back and determine what social media channels will be the best fit for your organization.

Ellipsis Partners begins with a goal setting meeting. What are your objectives for social media? Do you want to recruit volunteers? Invite members to an event? Advocate? Fundraise? Communications initiatives should directly support your organization’s strategic goals and social media is no exception.

We take a close look at the way your audiences use technology and the ways they prefer to interact with your organization. We examine the topics around which your members normally engage with social media. Then we assess your staff and volunteer skill sets and determine their bandwidth for supporting a social media campaign implementation.

Once we’ve identified the appropriate channels that will engage your audiences and allow for sustainable communications, we work with your team to develop a social media campaign content map and timeline. We identify the content providers, outline a social media policy and provide coaching as your organization launches a new campaign.