Association Management Systems (AMS)

Association Management Systems and Customer Relationship Management Systems are the backbone of most associations. And yet, there is no bigger pain-point for most staff. There are countless reasons associations find that their AMS is not working for them. Ellipsis Partners prides ourselves on unraveling all of those reasons and working collaboratively with your association to be sure the future holds a better fit with your vendor. By engaging your team in objective and subjective evaluation of the issues at hand, we find the specific areas where change is most needed – whether that be system change, process change or both.

Some of the common issues we encounter include the following:

  • Poor implementation and vendor support
  • Product neglect or obsolete systems
  • Data corruption or poor migration
  • Lack of training
  • Failure to maintain upgrades
  • Unnecessarily complex business processes
  • Staff turnover

Ellipsis Partners deploys our methodology by learning as much as we can about you and tailoring our process as we move into requirements gathering, RFP development and vendor selection. We immerse ourselves in the association and non profit technology world to understand which vendors are most skilled in both technology and in successful implementation for organizations like yours. We also keep our ears to the ground to understand when change is coming so that we can prepare our clients.