Content Management System (CMS)

Your website is the first stop for many in their search for the resources, access and benefits your association can offer. Having an attractive, contemporary, easily navigated and current site is no longer a bonus…it’s mission critical. In the era of rapidly and radically changing online priorities, your content management system┬ámust be flexible and scalable to keep you current.

In an environment that rapidly changes, it is also easy to over or under purchase when making system choices. Ellipsis Partners can help you find a tool that will meet your needs but not overwhelm your staff. The bells and whistles in the market are often deafening, but our process allows you to weigh the priorities and capacity of your team against features and cost.

Ellipsis Partners digs deep into your organization and into your vision and your members’ vision for who and what you should be online before we ever define a requirement. Like our other selection processes, we work through intense requirement gathering, RFP development and vendor selection tailored to drive your web presence to the future your work demands.

Some of the needs we explore include the following:

  • Web use and analytics for your current site
  • Staff ability to manage complex or time-consuming CMS features
  • Organizational readiness for distributing content creation widely
  • Need for mobile friendly sites, mobile only sites or web apps
  • Search requirements for internal site and for external search engines
  • Ongoing vendor support and services
  • Integration and custom development requirements

There is no end to the tools available to manage a web presence in this day and age. The era of websites that last for five years is in the past. Organizations can expect to refresh sites every 2-3 years at the very least, but organizations should prepare and plan for sites that are constantly evolving and choose vendors who can support those changes if staff aren’t available for those responsibilities.

Ellipsis Partners vets the market place for tools that are stable and for tools that are affordable based on what we know about you, your staff and your members.