Learning Management System (LMS)

A Learning Management System (LMS) allows you to offer a comprehensive portfolio of learning to your members and customers, tracking many aspects of the training offered and taken.

The right LMS takes into account your specific learners and their needs. Do they want to study the detailed materials themselves, take a test and be done, or do they prefer to learn from a community of learners about what practically worked the best? Some learners need portable materials that they can study on the go while others need the commitment of a scheduled webinar. Decisions on learning platforms often hinge on whether learners are compelled through time-sensitive requirements versus moving at their own pace. There is also a question of how much reporting, recording and evaluation the learner needs to do on their own through interfaces you or others offer online.

Ellipsis Partners will work with your staff, constituents, and learners to understand their needs and patterns of consumption for different learning modes. We will help you assess systems in terms of the following:

  • Developing and offering courses and modules, expanding your catalog, encouraging enrollment
  • Engagement and interaction before, during and after programs, with instructors, subject matter experts, and other learners
  • Managing learners, enrollment in classes, supporting progress
  • Reporting on the commercial success of your program, such as revenue, bulk purchases, discounts, hot topics, and patterns of engagement
  • Reports to maintain your accredited status as a provider of continuing education in your area.
  • User administration and support, resetting logins, tracking attendance
  • Setup and use of pre-tests, post-tests, testing out, number of attempts, pass rates, randomization
  • Working with subject matter experts, instructors, and instructional designers to continue to develop materials and interactive courses to meet learner needs