Innovation through Technology

Innovation can be an intimidating word that inspires visions of sleepless nights, mountains of cash and a best selling business book. Innovation just means bringing something new to the table. When was the last time your association innovated? How do you provide high quality services to members that will bind them to your association? Technology itself is not always innovation but it can make innovation possible.

Ellipsis Partners works with your executive team, IT staff, and stakeholders to assess areas of greatest value, and how you can use technology to move forward- to innovate and allow your members to be innovators too.

Our plan to help you with innovation includes bringing a clear observation to several key areas.

  • Your staff’s work and vision for the future.
  • Your members, their current needs, wants and pain-points.
  • What your members do that they don’t think you can help them with.
  • Your members’ environments and the technologies they currently use.
  • Your organization’s environment and competitive trends.
  • Emerging trends in technology, communications, workforce, tools.

We work with you to synthesize observations from these areas into new insights that can form the basis for innovative tools and services for your staff and members.

For external services, we work with you to develop a framework to ensure a successful launch, including involving members appropriately in the visioning and product development phase, gathering data through member and customer focus groups, surveys, and beta testers, and continuing with program evaluation through the difficult early years.