Web Strategy

Site strategy means purpose. It means organization. It speaks to users. It lays the ground work for every aesthetic, technical and content goal.

Any web project  – content management selections, new aesthetic design, new online tools – benefit from a well organized and coordinated web presence. Websites can be hard to control at times. Pressures from around the organization make creating a logical hierarchy of content challenging. Sites grow because of short-term demands and staff don’t always have the opportunity to align this growth with strategy. The audience definitions grow muddied and are diluted. The navigation and information architecture become redundant and tedious for the user to explore.

Ellipsis Partners uses our web strategy workshop to help organizations define or hone the purpose of their online tools. We define the reasons users come to a site and the reasons they leave. We define who organizations hope to attract as well as adding some science to who is visiting at present.

Our web strategy yields and documents consensus on the purpose of the site; definition and priorities for site audiences; and a review of how an organization’s site needs to change to achieve those goals.