Information Design

In some ways information architecture is an age-old science as familiar as your neighborhood library. In other ways, it’s a complete mystery. The way users consume web-based content is a moving target. New technologies including mobile and responsive design have changed the way users traverse online content.

The way your site visitors think about content and how they explore your organization are part of a successful information architecture. However, it’s not enough to fix it and forget it. Information architecture requires tending. It requires a strategy and a mechanism for decision making as new types of content come online. Ellipsis Partners works with clients to understand your content, your users and your lexicon for your online body of knowledge to create a logical, navigable and sustainable architecture for your site.

Tools like card sorts and /information usability are coupled with user interviews and market research to define a logical road map to your content.

Ellipsis Partners often combines information architecture with web strategy when organizations are considering major site redevelopment efforts. In other cases, we work with organizations to get organized and stay organized when navigational schemes and content categories have gotten out of hand.