Web Analytics and Analysis

Ellipsis Partners offers a review and consulting of your website analytics as an important initial step in making informed decisions about your website. Understanding how current users are navigating your site through our website assessment is the first step to improving your web experience. This review is provides a baseline for many of the decisions to be made in web strategy, systems selections and other site development. Trends in mobile use, growth markets, referrers and more can drive organizational intelligence far beyond your web presence.

Still, there is much, much more to understand your site’s visitor and usage patterns than just a one-time glance. Ongoing evaluation and proper adjustments are key to real growth and improvement. Our web analytics monthly consulting service uses tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to help your association understand site traffic, track conversions, measure engagement and gain visibility.

During the first 30 days, we will assess the current analytics tools during our Web Analytics Discovery Phase. We will determine the organizational needs around data and reporting in this phase. After the first 30 days, our web analytics experts will define the requirements for analytics and reporting in the Requirements Definition Phase. From 60-90 days, in the Implementation Phase, Ellipsis Partners will have a Web Analytics dashboard in Google Analytics or your Analytics Software that is configured to serve your unique data needs. At 90 days, we will train you on how to utilize this platform. From 120 days and out, Ellipsis Partners LLC will function as a type of off-site  ‘web analyst’ partner, providing monitoring and ongoing analysis on the website stats as the SEO and PPC campaigns are implemented.

The results that you can expect from our analytics consulting services are: understanding user/visitor behavior, optimizing marketing initiatives and improving site usability. This ongoing service compliments the SEO and PPC services and is vital to pinpoint impact on traffic and other key conversions through the establishment of SEO and PPC campaigns.