Moira Edwards, MS, CAE

Moira Edwards has over 25 years’ experience in implementing large- and small-scale software solutions for non-profits, government agencies and commercial organizations, both within and outside the US.

Within the Ellipsis Partner’s team, Moira focuses on the intersections of technology and organizational strategy. This includes developing technology plans, evaluating staffing and budgets, considering models for IT governance, and working with associations to select technology solutions that support organizational mission and strategy and bring value to members and customers. Moira also provides technology coaching, helping IT managers, directors, and chiefs to manage their teams and resources effectively within the context of their own organization and the changing world around them.

Prior to joining Ellipsis Partners, Moira was an associate vice president for the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) where she led a team of 65 staff in providing sophisticated online services to medical schools, teaching hospitals, and their students. Later, as head of business development for the American Nurses Association (ANA) she pioneered online learning communities and new continuing education programming using social media and eLearning technology.

Moira volunteers actively within the association community. She served as a member and Chair of the ASAE Technology Council, and is a co-founder of Association Women Technology Champions (AWTC). She is a regular speaker at industry events, including ASAE TEC, AMS Fest, CESSE, ICE Exchange. Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, she holds a BA in Business & Economics, an MS in Psychology, and is a Certified Association Executive (CAE).

Her ideal vacation would be a week’s meditation retreat high in the mountains, followed by a second week undoing the benefits of the first, partying on a beach drinking cocktails.

Moira is a crazy cat lady, with two current companions Yodel and Echo, who live with her and her son in Falls Church, VA.